How the "Phnom penh Hawaiinize project" started!

ALOHA ONO was opened in May 2012; it was built to show my experiences in Hawaii.

Luckily, we got to celebrate our one year anniversary.

However, tragic drama unfolded as we became a "closing tenant"  in the summer of 2013.

Accidentally, the plan to move to Cambodia came up as a joke.

However, we came to believe that moving "may be our fate" and decided to move.

I am such a vagabond, but I am also an extreme stickler for cleanliness.

Cambodia is still a developing country, so its living environment and cleanliness is still poor for me.

 For this reason I decided to create a restaurant where:
-The food served was made in a clean kitchen and cooked properly
-I could eat clean food, free from anxiety
-I would want to go.

Cambodia is an unfamiliar place, environment, and has a different national character...

I am still puzzled by living in Cambodia. 

I would like to provide a comfortable place for the person who has the same problems I do.

"Ono" means “delicious” in Hawaiian!!

We hand-picked menu items from Hawaiian cuisine that the owner found "Ono!!”
Our Hawaiian food melds authentic Hawaiian cooking with Japanese taste.
Stop by for a meal and a beer with your family and friends, or just by yourself for a casual meal. 

Our policy

That's related in the 6 colors of the rainbow, represents Hawaii:

-Handmade            -Home-style               -Heartwarming
-Happy                  -Healthy (and clean)     -Hawaiian

LUNCH: 11:00-14:00(MON-SAT)

DINNER: 17:00-22:00(MON-SAT)

TEL : 0234-880-800 / 010-302-405 (ENG/KH)


ONLY 10min from Phnom Penh International airport

Near by Rathana plaza, Dara airport hotel, 9dragon hotel

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