ONLY 10min from Phnom Penh International airport

Near by Rathana plaza, Dara airport hotel, 9dragon hotel

Of course, We welcome  1box to Large order!

For Large order (Over 10 boxes)

Delivery fees for FREE!

Please fill in Excel sheet and

send from Order Form

You can Order your lunch for 1week!

You can order your lunch for 1week .

Please fill in Excel sheet and

send from Order Form

If complete Mon-SAT,
Saturday Delivery fee's for FREE

Delivery Fee

We outsource the delivery service, we will charge a delivery fees for gasoline according to distance.

Distance estimated as below (For round trip)
1-5km $0.5 / 6~10km $1(TK ave) / 11~15km $1.5(Tuol Tompoung)
16~20km $2 (BKK/AEON)/ 21~25km $2.5(PPSEZ) / 26~30km $3

※If the order can combine Dry yarn's items and our meal,

We don't charge delivery fees and price are depends on Dry yarn.

Please share your location to us on your first order

We would like to deliver your food ASAP and right way.

So, Please help us to get to know your location correctly.

Tell us google map coord or share location by LINE.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Share by Google map

1.Please open "Google map" and Click the button

"Show your location" on right side of page.

2.Click the button of your mouse on a blue circle dot.

It'll show menu and click  "What's here"

3. It'll show the information of your location with a number as below.

4. Copy&Paste number and fill in the form.

Share by LINE

1. Add us to your friend

by QR code above, click button

or Search " @alohaono "

(Please don't forget @ )

2. Please type and send your name

Click "+"button from the bottom

3. Click "Share location"button

from the menu

4. map and your location will display,

please click and share locaion to us

LUNCH: 11:00-14:00(MON-SAT)

DINNER: 17:00-22:00(MON-SAT)

TEL : 0234-880-800 / 010-302-405 (ENG/KH)

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