Guardian God : Kawashima 2nd

Kawashima is the guardian god of ALOHA ONO.   
His name is related to the Japanese goal keeper "Kawashima". 
He was a sponge that sold for ¥100 at a ¥100 store,
but he became our god because he is cute.

Kawashima created his own category "Heart warming, but creepy mascot character". 

He will watch ALOHA ONO in Cambodia as well

Ambassador of a Hamburger : Alohanald

It suddenly appeared in Phnom Penh city in 2014 and stroke terror into a whole city.
It really likes ALOHA ONO's hamburger.
It said "I'm not related a clown of world famous hamburger shop"
The identity is still unknown.

Supervisor : Sinin ( fluent English )

Hey! I am Nou Sinin
I am a supervisor at Aloha Ono Hawaiian Cafe&Bar, I've been here nearly 2 years and half.
Am very happy and enjoy in here I think Aloha as my family
My favorite food is Hawaiian Fish (Ginger Butter Grill)
I love it so much and one more is Creamy Mentai is a kind of pasta really nice😋😋
You can try with us to visit Aloha
🤗🤗  (Nov.2016)

server: Somphous (JP / ENG)

Hello. I am Somphous.
I have been working in ALOHA for 2years.
I work as service.
I really enjoy to work in ALOHA.
My favorite food is "Mr. Black Beauty"

server: LAihuoy (JP / ENG)

Hi, I'm Laihuoy.
I've been in here 4month.
My work is service.
I really enjoy spending time at ALOHA.

Princess : Moana

Miniature Dachshund / Female / Born in Sep. 2016 at Siemreap

She will show up ALOHA on Sunday from Jan, 2017 after vaccunation.
The meaning of "MOANA" is "Ocean" in Hawaiian word, also the town name in Hawaii where the owner Ono had lived.
She is very smart, energetic and full of curiosity as just puppy.
Please take care and be nice to our princess.

LUNCH: 11:00-14:00(MON-SAT)

DINNER: 17:00-22:00(EVERYDAY)

TEL : 0234-880-800 / 010-224-913 (ENG/KH)

LUNCH: 11:00-14:00(MON-SAT)

DINNER: 17:00-22:00(MON-SAT)

TEL : 0234-880-800 / 010-302-405 (ENG/KH)


ONLY 10min from Phnom Penh International airport

Near by Rathana plaza, Dara airport hotel, 9dragon hotel

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